Knowledge and learning at the heart of the premier horticultural sector in the world.

The Dutch horticulture sector

The horticulture sector in the Netherlands has a reputation worldwide for being an innovative cluster that cultivates, processes, and transports top quality products such as vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. This cluster also stands at the heart of innovation in horticultural technics.

This position is largely due to the cluster’s unique combination of production, marketing & sales, trade, logistics, greenhouse building, technical and business services, education, and knowledge. The geographic concentration of these elements and traditional strong ties between these elements are unparalleled elsewhere in the world.

The largest horticultural cluster in the world

nederland-met-ghcWithin the Dutch horticulture sector Westland-Oostland is the largest international horticultural cluster in the world. All major and key players in the field of greenhouse horticulture are concentrated here. It lies in close proximity to other important knowledge centres including: Rotterdam, Delft, and The Hague.

This Greenport is an extensive cluster of greenhouse horticultural farms, suppliers and buyers, logistics companies, greenhouse builders, service providers, and institutions for research and education. The knowledge and educational programs are now available for you, your contractors and your employees. Main asset for you: to get the highest productivity, the best quality of your products and therefore the best Return on Your Investments.

Greenhouse Training & Technology

Available for you now is a set of basic, advanced and specialist training to make sure that your employees are capable to manage all the cultivation and horticultural techniques. It can be tailor made for your company. It has been built on three levels of experience (based, advanced and specialist) and on four themes (Horticultural techniques, cultivation techniques, management techniques and skills). See also the following figure:


“Greenhouse Training & Technology” offers you the following:

  • A customer and project oriented training programme geared to the international market.
  • A solid learning base provided by experienced Lentiz teachers. Lentiz is the largest trainer in horticulture for Dutch middle management.
  • Horticultural technology training at Demokwekerij Westland by working with greenhouse technology in practical situations.
  • Practical cultivation management training by growing your own crops in a special training greenhouse of the Horticultural Experience Centre at GreenQ.
  • Learning practical tools which can be implemented directly and help develop managerial skills for the horticultural process.

This programmme is powered by:

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The Greenport Horti Campus is also a hotbed for innovation that is being driven by leading partners. TU Delft, TNO, and the Demokwekerij work closely together in an Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC) to improve the quality of technology in greenhouses. In IDCs aimed at cultivation and energy, the WUR and GreenQ are putting their heads together to come to significant breakthroughs.

The Greenport Horti Campus and its partners put excellent facility at your disposal:

  • Great study facilities, often at companies
  • Practical facilities aimed at technology in the greenhouse
  • Practical facilities aimed at crop cultivation
  • Fitting accommodation near the cities of Rotterdam, Delft, and The Hague with Amsterdam close by too

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